Modern Design At it’s Finest


Slender linear lines continues on into the interior. Windows of floor to ceiling height that over sees the forest. This modern sleek home display less in colour but shows more interest with wood furniture and intricate accessories. Long wooden curved dining table with white metal base covering in the centre of the space displays interest and value. Rustic golden candle base giving visual interest to the table. On the right side wall there are different intricate wooden animals and mask. These wooden sculptures are basically either the clients hobbies of interest and were wanting it to be display on the space. At the far back there is a wooden dark hued cabinet that shows curves and carved wood grains. This cabinet display a Victorian feel and it gives a space a different feel of interest.  With these furniture placed in this cool and modern home it achieves its goal for an eclectic feel. If you are interested to learn more about this space a link is provided on the bottom. This link elaborates more about this space and how the furniture was  used  to create the eclectic and modern home.


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